Getting Rid of Outdoor Pests the Natural Way

If you spend hours making sure that your yard is a beautiful place to spend time, you do not want the effect to be ruined by a pest invasion. Whether you grow blooms to look at, or vegetables to eat, you want to make sure that they are protected. The problem is that spraying chemicals to remove pests is not always a good idea. Chemicals can be dangerous if pets and young children are around. They can also be harmful to good bugs which can actually be a benefit to the environment in your yard.

Getting Rid of Outdoor Pests the Natural Way by Being A Wordsmith

This is why it makes sense to consider green pest control options, when it comes to ridding your yard of pests. Here are some points to consider, if you want to reduce the presence of pests in your outdoor space.

Make sure plants can withstand pest damage

If you are growing plants in your yard, it’s a good idea to make sure that they are as sturdy as possible. This means that they are better able to withstand pest attacks should they happen. One of the best ways to ensure that plants are healthy is to maintain soil quality. You can do this by:

  • Creating your own compost for use.
  • Using mulch on the ground to keep weeds at bay, and preserve moisture in the soil.
  • Planting in different areas, while allowing time for soil to rest between crops.

Doing all of this will not prevent pests from appearing, but it will help to make plants less susceptible to damage.

Know which bugs are helpful and which are not

Not every bug that hangs out in your back yard is harmful. You may not like them, but bugs such as spiders can actually help to protect plants by getting rid of pests such as aphids. This is why it makes sense to encourage the presence of useful animals and bugs. Of course, you need to ensure that you do not create a welcoming environment for dangerous varieties, so make sure that you do your research.

Know when damage is an issue

There is a certain amount of pest damage that may not necessarily be an issue; the occasional bit of leaf chewing for instance. Very few yards do not suffer a certain amount of issues from pest interference. The problems really start when damage becomes very noticeable, and has a serious adverse effect on the condition of plants. If damage reaches a level which is unacceptable, there are certain green pest control methods which you can employ.

Using green pest control methods

There are several different green pest control methods that you can try using, should you start to experience problems with pests in your yard.

  • Cover plants with nets or plastic sheeting.
  • Pick off pests by hand.
  • Use a pest vacuum.
  • Spread diatomaceous earth around plants.
  • Spray plants with a solution of natural soap and water.

All of these methods can be useful in helping you to reduce the presence of pests in your yard. Do not forget to continue checking plants for the presence of pests, so that you can take action as soon as possible, in order to limit the amount of damage caused.


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