It’s My 5 Year Blogiversary!

Yes, 5 years! Seems like just yesterday when I stepped out on faith and started Being A Wordsmith. I was just looking at my previous blogiversary posts and realized how many goals I have achieved.


It's My 5 Year Blogiversary! by Being A Wordsmith


What I am most proud of this past year in blogging:

  • My Traffic Jam Weekend linky party is still going strong. Every week, I get an opportunity to connect with awesome bloggers and writers from all walks of life. All topics are welcome.
  • I finally created a media kit page for the site. I let go of the fear that I don’t have enough to offer big brands. Not true!

My fave posts this past year were:

What is coming up this year at Being A Wordsmith:

  • I am diving into the land of podcasts. Stay tuned for my first one.
  • More quality posts about healthy living, entertainment/pop culture, mobile apps, and productivity tips
  • Giveaways
  • Plugging away at my 101 things in 1001 days challenge list
  • My one word for 2018 is FOCUS. I hope to thrive this year with that intention.


Thanks everyone for your continued support, comments, feedback, and love. It takes a village!


See ya later,


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