Living a Happy Life: Basic Tips to Ensure Happiness in Day to Day Life

Do you feel like you’ve been in a slump recently? Like every day drags on just like the last? Well, it’s good to know that you are not alone in this feeling. In fact many adults of varying ages feel themselves being generally unhappy with themselves and their lives on a day to day basis.

Living a Happy Life: Basic Tips to Ensure Happiness in Day to Day Life by Being A Wordsmith

While this isn’t an abnormal feeling, you also don’t deserve to feel this way. Every person should be happy with themselves and their lives, because they deserve to be. So, how do you break out of this slump and find happiness in your day to day life?

The answer to finding happiness is different for everyone. However, there are some things that you can do to ensure happiness in your day to day life. Here are 3 tips that will aid you in ensuring that you are happier in your everyday life:

Living a Happy Life: Basic Tips to Ensure Happiness in Day to Day Life by Being A Wordsmith


1. Get enough sleep

While it varies from person to person, the average adult needs to get approximately seven to nine hours of sleep per night in order to be fully rested. You may not think that not sleeping enough has an effect on anything besides your level of wakefulness, but this is incorrect. Not getting enough quality sleep can take a huge toll on your mental health as well as your physical health, which in turn will affect your personal happiness.

An ongoing lack of sleep can cause a large number of symptoms that, in turn, can take a toll on your happiness. For example, if you are tired, you are likely to be less productive. It can also cause health issues such as obesity, skin problems, and increased stress. Stress can trigger a whole host of other issues like mouth ulcers, for which you might have thought you needed to make an appointment for an STD test, but which actually could turn out to just be a result of stress. Stress can also lead to digestive problems, for which you’ll need to see a gastroenterologist. All this is to say that when you don’t get enough sleep, it can cause a downward spiral in your overall health and seriously hurt your chances of living a happy day to day life.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep due to your mattress, then that’s a wake-up call to find a mattress online or in a store to ensure that you have what you need to accomplish a full night’s rest.


Living a Happy Life: Basic Tips to Ensure Happiness in Day to Day Life by Being A Wordsmith


2. Declutter Your Space

Believe it or not, your space might have a lot to do with whether or not you are leading a happy life. Maintaining a clean and organized physical space often corresponds with maintaining a clean and organized mental space. This is because clutter can feel overwhelming, and make you emotionally upset.

Luckily, if your space is cluttered, there is a very simple solution: declutter it! Sort through your belongings and decide whether or not you use or need the item anymore. You could follow the KonMari method, which asks you to think about whether or not an object brings you joy. This will help you to dig through your belongings and keep only the items that you need and love.

Another key factor is to organize your space. Make sure that everything has a home, and that you know where that home is. Whether that means designating a specific spot for your cordless beard trimmer somewhere besides next to the bathroom sink, or somewhere for all your coats besides your couch; there is somewhere for every item in your home to have its own space. These tips will help you to declutter your space, and in turn you may find yourself decluttering your mental space and finding more happiness.

If your space is too cluttered and the task of cleaning it all is too overwhelming or seemingly unfeasible, you can also get help by contacting a home and office cleaning agency. They’ll be able to help you get your life sorted and cleaned up.

Additional resource: The Art of Tidying Up: A Complete Guide to a Decluttered Life 

Living a Happy Life: Basic Tips to Ensure Happiness in Day to Day Life by Being A Wordsmith


3. Take a Break from Social Media

Something that is a fairly recent factor in many people’s unhappiness is social media. Since social media has only become prevalent within roughly the last decade and a half, unhappiness caused by social media is practically uncharted territory. One thing we know for certain though, is that social media can cause extreme unhappiness in people.

The primary reason that people become unhappy when engaging in social media is that they find themselves constantly comparing their lives to others’. However, what many people fail to realize is that social media provides a filtered glimpse at friends’ lives- you only get to see the (sometimes fabricated or exaggerated) highlights, not the reality of what is going on with them. When you are only seeing the best of others, it is hard not to compare your life, but you definitely shouldn’t.

Taking a break from social media is a really great idea if you are feeling especially unhappy with yourself and jealous of others. Instead of spending your weekends in the social media rabbit hole, get out of the house. If you need to buy a new hiking wardrobe to motivate yourself, then do so. Spending time relaxing, with friends, or doing hobbies will help to remind you of all of the reasons to be happy about yourself and your own life.


If you wake up one day and find yourself unhappy, there is no reason to worry. This is a normal occurrence in human beings, and doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. Instead of letting your unhappiness consume you, try out these 3 basic tips to ensure happiness in your day to day life. Sleeping enough, cleaning up your space, and taking a break from social media will help you to step back and reflect on all of the reasons to be happy.


What do you do to ensure happiness in your day to day life?

Were these tips helpful for you?


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