3 Side Hustles That You Should Be Doing

These days, if you don’t have a side hustle, you are in the minority. But most people with a full-time job, children, and a significant other, can find it hard to squeeze in another responsibility. Here are 3 side hustles that you can do without being stressed out.


3 Side Hustles That You Should Be Doing by Being A Wordsmith


Selling Online With Fiverr

You may be already familiar with this site. If not, Fiverr is a website for buying or selling a talent/service for $5. What talents do you possess? Writing, editing, graphic design, digital marketing? As a seller, there is no upfront cost for you.

How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr by Being A Wordsmith

Buyers must pay $5 before their order for a gig is sent to you. This is a very lucrative side hustle that rewards consistent, reliable sellers. Over time, you can raise your price quote and add extra amenities to your gigs. For example: you can charge an additional fee to deliver an order in 24 hours, or an additional fee per social media posting. To date, I have earned $1200. Check out my posts How You Can Make $100 on Fiverr and How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr  to learn more. 

Be an Airbnb Host

There’s a clever way to earn extra income that’s equal parts flexible and easy, right under your own roof: become an Airbnb host.

No matter where you live or what kind of home or room you have to share, Airbnb makes it easy to rent out your space. It’s free and easy to post a listing on Airbnb; simply write a short blurb describing your space and its amenities and add photos. Unsure of what the going rate is based on your location? Airbnb’s special pricing tool recommends competitive rates to help guide you, but ultimately the decision is up to you.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous before welcoming strangers into your home, so Airbnb makes sure you can get to know your guests before they arrive. Message back and forth leading up to their arrival to work out any extra details. When they arrive, greet them in person with a key or just send them a door code if you’ll be out of town. Guests are charged before arrival, so once they check-in, you are automatically paid – either via PayPal, direct deposit, international money wire, or another preferred method.

Safety is Airbnb’s #1 priority, which is why they offer a $1 Million Host Guarantee to cover any accidental damage caused by guests. This peace of mind is offered at no extra charge, so you can feel confident your space and belongings will be protected even when you’re far from home.

Offer your space as a home away from home for travelers on their next adventure. Get started today.

Mystery Shopping

Yes, mystery shopping is legit. I’ve done it many, many times and been paid for it. My cousin Casey slays it on a regular basis. If you are still skeptical, check out the official international organization for it, Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA)And you can get certified as a mystery shopper.

Mobile Mystery Shopping by beingawordsmith

Now, there are lots of scams out there, so check the company you accept assignments from for a MSPA logo or against the MSPA website.

I have done mystery shops for:
1. apartment complexes (need to show an ID to see property)
2. shipping services (some are for shipping empty boxes to predetermined locale)
3. fast food joints (you are reimbursed for food for a dine-in or drive-thru shop)
4. upscale restaurants (most of these allow 1-2 people to accompany you)
5. banks (some are for inquiries only and others are for opening accounts that you are reimbursed for)

Companies worldwide utilize mystery shoppers to anonymously rate customer experience for various organizations. It provides a way for them to accurately gauge an employee’s performance. Fees for shops can range anywhere from$5 to $15 to $150+ depending on the assignment and the company. I have seen offers for car dealerships, jewelry stores, colleges, electronic stores, hotels, parking lots, casinos, and clothing stores. The larger your area of residence, the more shops available.

Check out my posts, Mystery Shopping…Don’t Knock It Until You Try It and 3 Mobile Mystery Shopping Apps That Pay Cash, to learn more.


Are you doing any of these side hustles?

What side hustles are you doing?

Have you used Airbnb before?


See ya later,


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