Getting Your Family to Eat Their Veggies: Tips and Tricks

Eating your vegetables can be a hard enough task in today’s fast paced world, and when you add in your partner or children’s diets as well, an aversion to vegetables at your dinner table can be inevitable. Vegetables are an extremely important part of everyone’s diet for both the fiber they offer as well as the high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Sometimes, even with our best efforts, our diets may still lack those necessary nutrients. For those gaps, you can take dietary supplements. To find out which supplement would be best for your family, look at Analyze That. If you are still determined to get those vitamins and nutrients in the most natural way possible, our tips and tricks will get your family not only eating their vegetables again, but actually enjoying them!

Getting Your Family to Eat Their Veggies: Tips and Tricks by Being A Wordsmith

Zoodles, Zoodles, Zoodles

Zucchini is a type of squash that has really flourished in its versatility in different recipes, our favorite being noodles. For those times your family is really craving a nice spaghetti, cut your zucchini into thin, long, noodle like strands.  Nowadays, some stores even sell special tools that will do this cutting for you. You can then give your zucchini noodles, or zoodles as we like to call them, a quick toss in a pan to heat them up before pouring your favorite spaghetti sauce right on top.

Try a Food Subscription Box

One of the biggest problems some people have with vegetables is that all they think of is overcooked, mushy vegetables that usually taste awful. Whether they were cooked like that for a lack of time or knowledge of better ways to cook vegetables, there are ways to get great tasting, crisp vegetables onto your dinner table. There are many companies now that offer meal subscription boxes that come with all of the ingredients you need, as well as step-by-step recipes. Not only will you get farm fresh vegetables, but if you follow the recipe, they will end up being delicious enough that even the pickiest eater will want more.

Throw a Salsa Party

Whether you are eating this fabulous dip with chips or as a sauce on top of your entree, salsa can pack an entire serving of vegetables into just a ½ cup. You can change up the ingredients to change the flavor depending on your taste.  For those craving sweet, you can even try a fruit based salsa like mango, which tastes even better with an onion and jalapeno chopped up into it.

For those wanting something more interesting, you can throw your own salsa making competition. Have each member of the family decide on their own recipe, or invite your friends over for a little neighborly contest. If your family still needs convincing, turn it into a guacamole competition instead. Not only does the base of an avocado offer a serving of vegetables, it helps cover the taste of the other ingredients you may add.

Plant Your Own Garden

This may be the most work intensive tip, but it’s also the most rewarding. Not only do fresh picked vegetables taste so much better than store bought ones, having a garden can help teach your little ones responsibility. Gardening can be an extremely relaxing activity, and being able to see the fruit of your labor, or in this case the vegetables of your labor, will offer more of an incentive to want to indulge in the deliciousness that you helped to grow. By adding this activity to your summer, it will also give your kids a great way to get outside and be more active.

Getting Your Family to Eat Their Veggies: Tips and Tricks by Being A Wordsmith

Why Vegetables Are So Important

We all know that vegetables are an important food group, but why?  Recent studies have shown that the vitamins and minerals found in many vegetables actually have cancer fighting powers. They also offer antioxidants to keep your body healthy from day to day. But, even with all of these great benefits of adding vegetables to our diet, it can still be hard to want to add them. By following the many aforementioned tips and tricks to help add more vegetables to your family’s diet, you will be placing yourselves on the path for long, healthy, successful lives.


Are you using any of these tips and tricks at home?

How do you get your family to eat more veggies?


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