What Is a Caster and How Can I Use It?

Have you ever found yourself struggling to move heavy furniture or tools? Colson caster wheels are here to help. Caster wheels are a convenient and great way to move heavy items with ease. These wheels allow items to swivel and roll. Colson caster wheels come in many different sizes. They are also easy to install and save you a whole lot of time and effort. Here is a list of items that caster wheels would be an excellent addition to:

What Is a Caster and How Can I Use It? by Being A Wordsmith

Tools in Your Garage or Workshop

Caster wheels come in all different sizes which make them convenient for heavy tools and other equipment in your workshop.

  • Heavy Duty Work Bench: Having an easily accessible and mobile work bench is incredibly important. This gives you the ability to move around your garage or work bench freely. Add caster wheels to your work bench for ultimate mobility.
  • Tool Box: A tool box without wheels can leave you planted, or constantly walking back and forth to grab the correct tool for the job. Having caster wheels on your tool box allows you to have your tools at your disposal.
  • Saw Table: A saw can be incredibly heavy, making it a hard piece of equipment to move. Having an easily accessible and movable saw table can allow you to work in different places in your workshop and save space when you would like to put it away.

Heavy Furniture

Heavy furniture can be cumbersome to move. If you live on your own or do not know how to properly move heavy furniture, you can injure yourself. Hiring someone to move your furniture can become quite expensive. However, caster wheels can alleviate this problem and save you money.

  • Sofa: Sofas are often extremely heavy, making it hard to move and clean under. Adding caster wheels to your sofa can make it easy to move, so you can clean under it or redesign your space.
  • Bed: Your bed is another piece of heavy furniture that can be hard to move. Add caster wheels to your bed for easy mobility.
  • Dining Room Table and Chairs: A dining room table can be hard to move it if it is large. Chairs can also be hard to pull out if they are on carpet. Add caster wheels to your dining room table and chairs to move them with ease.


Kitchens can become very dirty. Let’s face it, things roll under appliances in the kitchen. In addition to that, appliances can have problems that need to be fixed. That is why it is important that these appliances have caster wheels. You can easily move the appliance to clean what’s under it or get access to the broken parts.

  • Oven: Ovens are heavy, and hard to pull away from the wall. Add caster wheels so you can easily clean under your oven
  • Refrigerators and Freezers: Refrigerators and freezers are extremely heavy and hard to move. Whether it be an outdoor freezer or a fridge in the kitchen, it is important to be able to move them. Caster wheels make that possible.
  • Dish Washer: Dish washers are another appliance that need to have the ability to move with ease to clean under or move, if there happens to be a problem.


Do you use casters on any of these items?

Can you suggest other uses for casters?


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