A Short Overview of 3 Types of Epoxy Paint

When it comes to choosing an epoxy paint to guard and enhance the concrete flooring in your garage, it’s easy to get lost in the many different brands and coating types on the market. While it might seem there are endless options when it comes to epoxy guard floor coatings, there are actually only three main types to choose from. Learn what makes each of these epoxy paint types unique.

A Short Overview of 3 Types of Epoxy Paint by Being A Wordsmith

100 Percent Solids Epoxy 

For the most durable, long-lasting epoxy flooring choice, 100 percent solids is the most durable formula available. Unlike other types of epoxy, 100 percent solids coatings contain no water or volatile organic compounds that are potentially harmful and not environmentally friendly. At 10 mils, this type of epoxy is extremely thick. Made with only resin and hardener, this floor coating is designed to last for years to come. It is the main choice used in industrial and commercial settings.

Water-Based Epoxy

Although a water-based epoxy coating is not nearly as strong as 100 percent solids, there are a few benefits to consider:

  • a more affordable option
  • limited or no volatile organic compounds
  • lets off minimal odor
  • much easier to install
  • effective at protecting floors

While water-based epoxy won’t likely hold up in industrial or commercial settings, it works fine for residential settings and is more budget friendly. However, you will need to replace it sooner than a 100 percent solids coating.

Solvent-Based Epoxy

Although solvent-based epoxy is better performing and more attractive than water-based epoxy, it is hardly used in either industrial or residential settings anymore. This type of epoxy contains high levels of volatile organic compounds which are thought to have potential adverse health effects. This is magnified by the fact that these chemicals are released in an indoor setting. As strict VOC regulations have been established, fewer people choose solvent-based epoxy since it is most often non-compliant with these standards.


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