7 Reasons Your Furniture Has a Short Life

An excellent collection of furniture adds elegance to the interior of any home. How much do you spend on buying fancy or modern furniture for your home? Mostly, people buy to use these items for a long term, not for a short time. Under close observations, it has been found that significant reasons shorten the life of your beautiful and expensive furniture. Homeowners should seriously inspect their home from roof leakage problems to the floors’ dirt.


7 Reasons Your Furniture Has a Short Life by Being A Wordsmith


Low-quality material

You spend thousands of dollars and visit different stores to buy the furniture of your choice. Furniture made with cheap wood and local materials used in making structure is less likely to be durable and in original shape. Catchy designs and colors can attract you to buy instantly, but take some time to check quality and type of wood.

Access of pests to your furniture

Unfortunately, pests do not require permission to enter your home. Whether you have a house built by strong bricks, concrete, or wood, they can access easily just through a tiny hole. Instead of watching them spread and destruct your furniture, take immediate action to get rid of them. If you suspect pests like bed bugs, termites, beetles, clothes moths, or any type, get some professional help. Contact the local pest control company available in your area for a quick inspection and to give your furniture a long pest free life.

Temperature fluctuations

Weather conditions like hot summers, windstorms, etc. can shorten the life of your furniture. Keep your expensive furniture away from the windows in case of extreme sunlight or rain. Place your outdoor sofas under a shade or inside in case of severe weather.

Wet floors and walls

This can be caused by plumbing problems somewhere at home, continuous rain, or if you keep your floor level moist to clean it daily. Placing your furniture on a floor that is wet regularly can depreciate its life. Homes with dampness can also lead to this problem, and you should seek help from experienced plumbers and architects.

Dirt and dust

If your atmosphere is full of dirt or your home is located in a dusty area, then your beautifully crafted furniture will change its shape quickly. No one welcomes dirt on their beloved furniture. And you don’t want to hear harsh words from your guests about its poor condition.

Not cleaning periodically

Keeping your home and furniture clean will add life to your expensive assets. Try not to put food or drink on any of the furniture including beds. Vacuum your items with a hose adapter periodically to clean thoroughly. Maintain cleanliness at home regularly.

Rough use

Do your kids love jumping and dancing on sofas and chairs? Do they shut closet doors and drawers with full force and push? It’s time to restrain them from doing so. If you have a habit of putting heavy objects on furniture, it can reduce its age. Moreover, pets can damage your furniture items, especially sofas.


What are some other factors that shorten the life of your furniture?

Which piece of furniture have you owned the longest? How many years?


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