Unexpected Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays come only once a year, so that means that they should be recognized and celebrated. It is the one day of the year that belongs to you. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating in a traditional way with cake and presents. But what if you enjoyed your next birthday doing something different? Every year, every day is a gift. Doing something unique and unforgettable can make for a great celebration for another year of life.

Unexpected Ways to Celebrate Birthdays by Being A Wordsmith

Dinner Trains

One of the good things about dinner trains is that the themes come in so many varieties. They can be seasonal, mysterious, and even holiday-themed. Pick the one that works best for you and find a group of friends to invite. Dress up in silly costumes, play a role, and have a good time. Search nearby for holiday dinner trains, or if in the area, holiday dinner trains near Miami-Dade County. I experienced this event many years ago on a murder mystery themed train. Some friends invited Hubby and I and it was so much fun. Dinner, drinks, entertainment, and laughter.


Unexpected Ways to Celebrate Birthdays by Being A Wordsmith

Do Something Daring

Please don’t confuse the word “daring” with the word “reckless.” Choose an activity that is out of your comfort zone, but also safe and well-researched too. Do not just jump into something without first ensuring it is certified and licensed. For example, if brave enough, go skydiving. Get a small, meaningful tattoo. Buy a pass for go-kart racing. Doing something daring to celebrate doesn’t just bring in another birthday with a bang, but it ensures memories for years to come!


Unexpected Ways to Celebrate Birthdays by Being A Wordsmith

Take a Class

It is never too late to learn something new. Broaden your horizons by signing up for a class. Learn a language that sounds romantic, or learn a new skill or hobby. Get a group of friends together and sign up for a wine and paint night, laughing at each other’s attempts to duplicate original artwork. How about a baking class? Search online for interesting classes available in your area.


Unexpected Ways to Celebrate Birthdays by Being A Wordsmith

See a Show

Perhaps there is a one-night showing of a classic movie at a theater. Or to mix it up, why not see a live show? See which Broadway musical has made its way into town. Drive downtown and see a play, or splurge on tickets to hear a favorite band or musician. Check apps like Groupon to see what is happening nearby.

The fact that birthdays are only a once-a-year celebration is more reason to go all out with them. By doing something out of the ordinary, each year can be more exciting than the last. Break the mold this birthday and do something fun and different.


What would you add to this list?

What are some unexpected ways that you have spent celebrating a birthday?


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