Memorable Baby Shower Gifts

The next time you’re invited to a baby shower for a friend or family member, stand out from the crowd with a unique gift for the mother-to-be. Instead of the typical pink or blue onesies, blankets or stuffed animals, present her with a thoughtful item that she will appreciate for its ability to make her life easier or more enjoyable during this wondrous, yet exhausting, period in her life.

Memorable Baby Shower Gifts by Being A Wordsmith

Sweet Treats

Satisfy her pregnancy cravings or provide her with some sustenance during those late-night feedings with an assortment of snacks. Gift her with a picnic basket filled with goodies like cheeses, crackers, fruit and nuts, or custom candy baskets with her favorite chocolates, cookies, lollipops, and chews. With a variety to choose from, she’ll be able to grab a quick bite to rebuild her energy.

Memorable Baby Shower Gifts by Being A Wordsmith

Simple Meals

Life with a new baby is undeniably hectic. A gift certificate for a meal kit delivery service that will provide the mother-to-be and her family with the ingredients and recipes to create healthy, delicious lunches or dinners will definitely be welcomed. Whether mom or dad typically does the cooking, the kits’ easy-to-follow instructions should make the process less time consuming, and the nutritious meals will help keep her strength up as she works through the baby’s tiring first months.

Memorable Baby Shower Gifts by Being A Wordsmith

Relaxation Essentials

While most guests will present the mother-to-be with gifts for the baby, take another route and offer items that she can enjoy herself. Fill a basket with items such as soaps, skincare, lotions, scented candles, a sleep mask, slippers, and a luxurious bathrobe. Whenever she gets a free moment, she’ll be able to treat herself to a mini spa day to feel rejuvenated.

Memorable Baby Shower Gifts by Being A Wordsmith

Touching Mementos

Give the mother-to-be a head start on what will undoubtedly become her new favorite hobby – showcasing memories of her baby’s first days. Consider a gift certificate to an online retailer that offers jewelry engraved with the baby’s name and birth date or photo printing services. You can also compile a scrapbook album for her featuring pre-designed pages that have empty spots for photos and text – she’ll be able to add pictures when she has a spare minute and ends up with a beautiful keepsake that she can show visitors.

Although it’s technically a shower for the baby, let the mother know how much you’re there to love and support her. Among the sea of infant-related gifts, she will greatly treasure one that focuses on her happiness and well-being.


Have you attended a baby shower lately?

Which memorable gifts would you add to this list?


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