5 Cooking Tips for Stay at Home Dads (A Guest Post)

We truly understand the efforts of every stay at home dad to make an amazing meal for the kids and give them the best tasty and nutritious meals. 

So, we have prepared this article to help every stay at home dad to improve their cooking quickly. These tips will help you to enhance the quality of the food and your cooking skills. 

5 Cooking Tips for Stay at Home Dads (A Guest Post)

Hold the knife in a proper manner

The taste and quality of food also depend on the way you chop and cut ingredients. The way you slice the vegetables and meats will affect the overall outcome of the entire dish. 

In order to cut ingredients properly, you must learn to hold the knife in the correct way. The right way to hold the knife is by gripping it tight in a manner so that your index finger and thumb is on the sides of the blade. 

Try to invest in a good quality knife that has a wider blade and is large in size. This will allow you to have better control over the knife and cut perfect slices of ingredients for the recipe. 

5 Cooking Tips for Stay at Home Dads (A Guest Post)

Always use fresh and premium ingredients

As a stay at home dad, it is very important that you prepare the food for your kids with the freshest and best quality ingredients. Not only is it the healthiest, but using fresh ingredients will escalate the flavor of the dish to a whole new level, and the kids will love the meals that you prepare even the vegetables.

Using fresh and organic ingredients instead of the canned ones will completely turn the quality of the meal. This will really improve your cooking and the recipes that you make. 

5 Cooking Tips for Stay at Home Dads (A Guest Post)

Try not to overcrowd the pan

One very common mistake that many people make while cooking is that they overcrowd the pan with ingredients. This can completely ruin the taste and quality of the dish.  

In order to avoid that, try to keep some space in the pan between the ingredients so that you can at least still see the bottom of the pan. That way, there will be enough space between the ingredients so that each one can get the right amount of heat required. 

Reduce liquids 

This is a very easy and effective way to bring out the flavors in the dish you are preparing. Whenever you are making some kind of stew or any gravy, try to simmer the liquids for longer.

Simmering the liquids for a prolonged time will reduce it down to a more concentrated flavor, enhance the taste of it, and bring improvement in your cooking skills.

Use sea salt instead of ordinary table salt

Using sea salt or kosher salt will enhance the overall flavor of the dish in comparison to table salt. But always remember not to overdo the dish with excess salt. 

As important as it is to use the right type of salt, it is also important to use the right quantity of it. 


These simple tricks will surely help you to improve the quality of your coking. These simple techniques are very effective and easy to practice too. 

So for all the stay at home dads out there, we can guarantee that you can escalate the level of your cooking standards. 

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Jeremy grew up learning how to cook from his parents as well as working in a high-volume catering operation while in college. He now enjoys spending time with his family writing for his blog Ktchndad.

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