Celebrities: Where (How) Are They Now?

I am starting a new series of posts on Being A Wordsmith called Celebrities:Where (How) Are They Now? Typically, people associate the “Where Are They Now?” title with negative stories about child actors and aging celebrities who have endured hard times. I won’t lie, some of my posts will probably encompass that, but I also plan to show the successful journies that many celebrities have taken as well. I want to catch up with the famous/infamous individuals that many of us have watched display their talents. And the ones that we hope will return to the platforms that made them a star.


Celebrities: Where (How) Are They Now? by Being A Wordsmith


Look for posts on…

  • 80s/90s TV sitcom stars
  • 80s/90s movie stars
  • 80s/90s musicians
  • Former sports figures
  • Former soap opera stars
  • Did I mention celebrities from the 80s and 90s?

Who would you like to see featured?


First up is…The Goonies Cast: Where (How) Are They Now?

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