Why Has Athleisure Become the Most Influential Trend of the Century So Far?

As we near the end of the 2010s, it is interesting to look back on the fashions that have shaped the past two decades. While we have seen lots of trends come and go on a seasonal basis, as with every period in fashion history, there are a few things that seem to have made lasting changes to how we think about creating looks, and what we wear for different occasions. One good example is bold hair colors which have been around for decades in counterculture movements, but in the 21st century have become a relatively mainstream fashion choice. The biggest example of change in how we put together outfits is the rise of athleisure.

Why Has Athleisure Become the Most Influential Trend of the Century So Far? by Being A Wordsmith

At this point, athleisure is even surpassing denim as many people’s go-to choice of casual clothing and streetwear, and athleisure pieces are now produced by high fashion houses as well as sports brands. Sportswear brands, in turn, are adding more fashion-focused details to their performance designs, allowing them to be worn outside of the gym or off of the sports field.

So why is athleisure so popular?

Modern Lifestyles

In the 21st century, people are more concerned than ever with wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, and it has become far more common for people to do things like join a gym or take up running, often with the help of new technologies like fitness trackers and apps. Athleisure clothing allows people to move seamlessly between their busy lives and their active pursuits, and can make designer clothes a better investment, letting things like running clothing and sneakers to pull double duty. Even people who aren’t into fitness are busier than ever before, and value comfort and convenience more than ever, making athletic clothing that is also stylish an appealing choice.

Why Has Athleisure Become the Most Influential Trend of the Century So Far? by Being A Wordsmith

The Death of the Dress Code

While some professionals in client-facing roles will probably always have to wear suits, there are now a lot of industries, particularly the growing tech and media industries, where office dress codes just aren’t a thing anymore. When people are allowed to dress down for work, however, they still often want to look good – after all, this is where they tend to spend a lot of their time and socialize with people. This means that higher-end casual clothing, such as designer sneakers, has a big place in people’s lives. If you’re in the market for some top of the line sneakers, SSENSE stocks the latest in high-end footwear, including Gucci sneakers which almost every celebrity is wearing nowadays. These can be perfect for someone who wants a casual shoe that also gives a chic, dressed up look ideal for a laid-back workplace.

Why Has Athleisure Become the Most Influential Trend of the Century So Far? by Being A Wordsmith


Another thing people like about athleisure is that there are always new ways to experiment with mixing athletic clothes with other pieces, creating interesting and unique looks. We have seen combinations that you may not normally expect like sports bras worn with maxi skirts, and blazers matched to bike shorts, and it is this kind of irreverent blending of styles that keeps athleisure from feeling boring or lazy.

Most fashion experts expect to see the athleisure trend continue, and also to be remembered as the most influential style of the past couple of decades. It will be fun to see what else people and designers will do with it!


Are you a fan of athleisure?

What do you like most about wearing athleisure?


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