Tips and Hacks for a Budget Keto Diet

When it comes to healthy eating and dieting, we are used to hearing it’s expensive. That’s partially true because healthy, organic foods have a higher price than other foods. However, there are also ways to buy healthy products and save money, especially when it comes to keto-friendly products.

Since the keto diet includes all high-fat low-carb products, you can buy the things you usually buy such as meat, eggs, dairies, and vegetables. Although they, like many other healthy products, have a bit higher price than the unhealthy ones, you can still buy them for a lower price. Yes, you can follow the keto diet without spending more than you used to. Here are several tips on how to save money when buying keto-friendly products.

Tips and Hacks for a Budget Keto Diet by Being A Wordsmith

Shop Locally

Buying keto-friendly groceries at the local farmer’s market will save you money. It’s because you buy the products directly from the farmer, thus avoiding extra expenses such as shipping costs. And if you want to buy dairies, meat, and eggs, you can find the best price at the local farms.

Buy In Bulk

It’s a fact that the more you buy, the more you save. Therefore, if you buy a whole pig instead of individual parts, you will save a lot of money. If you don’t need the whole pig, you can partner with your neighbors, your relatives or friends, and split the meat and the cost.

Apart from meat, you can also buy other products in bulk, such as coconut oil, nuts, seeds, and keto shake. You can find them in large quantities in the online health food stores. Alternatively, you can buy them, as well as vegetables and the keto-friendly fruits, directly from people who grow them in their garden.

Buy In-season Fruits and Vegetables

Buying keto-approved fruits and vegetables which are in season will save you money. This is because when in season, there are larger quantities of these products, so the price is lower. You can also buy them while in season, in really large quantities, and freeze them so you can eat them anytime. Namely, you can use frozen fruits and vegetables to make delicious keto shakes and smoothies.

Look for Deals and Coupons at Online Stores

Although buying from local markets is recommended, you can also buy some products online. It’s because the products online usually have lower prices than those in local stores. Plus, there are many great deals and coupons you can use at certain online stores. In fact, you can find coupons which you can also use in some local stores.

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Planning your meals ahead will not only save you time but also money. It’s because you can plan them based on the deals and coupons you have found. Moreover, you can plan meals that can be used throughout the week, if there are leftovers. Some of the keto foods that you can use for preparing your meals are hard-boiled eggs, chicken, cold cuts, and zucchini.

Tips and Hacks for a Budget Keto Diet by Being A Wordsmith

Look for Deals in Local Supermarkets

All supermarkets offer deals on certain products or have some products on sale each day. However, you should be careful because prices usually are higher during the weekend and lower from Tuesday to Friday. Also, be careful not to buy things you don’t need just because they are on sale – that won’t save money. Instead, stock up on the things you usually use and freeze the others if you don’t need them at that moment.

Additionally, while looking for deals in the markets, you can check for the price of certain products in each of the markets you visit. It’s because the same product doesn’t have the same price in different markets. So, you might find some of the products you need for a lower price in one of the markets, although they aren’t on sale.


As you can see, being on the keto diet doesn’t have to expensive. If you know when, where, and how to buy keto-friendly products, you can save lots of money. When planning your meals, keep things simple. You don’t have to have meals with 8 different ingredients, because 2-4 ingredients are enough for a delicious keto meal.


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