Fun Facts About Dallas, Texas

Moving to Dallas is exciting! It’s the 9th biggest city in Texas with more than 1.2 million residents. Dallas is home to the Mavericks, the Cowboys, and the Rangers. The city even had a hit drama TV series with its namesake, based around life in the city. And while all of this information is likely already known to you, plenty of fun Dallas information is included in the list below that you don’t know. This information is sure to make your move to Dallas even more exciting. Ready to learn more about your new hometown?

Fun Facts About Dallas, Texas by Being A Wordsmith

Need a Hotel?

Finding a hotel is easy in Dallas. More than 30,000 hotel rooms fill the city of Dallas. More than 78,000 rooms exist in the entire metropolitan area. The Rosewood Mansion, The Ritz Carlton, The Statler Dallas, and ZaZa Hotel are among the most lavish Dallas hotels.

Central Location

Dallas is centrally located. It’s a four-hour flight from most U.S. destinations, including Oklahoma City, Memphis, New Orleans, and Wichita. Two major airports serve Dallas. Those airports are the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Dallas Love Field (DAL).

Dallas is Dry

Don’t arrive in Dallas with expectations of snow or rainy days. Snow occurs 1 – 3 days per year, some years. Most winters in Dallas are warm, with an average high temperature of around 57 degrees. It rains an average of 81 days per year. May is the wettest month of the year.

It’s Bigger in Dallas

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Dallas lives up to those expectations. Every year, the Galleria Mall becomes home to the tallest indoor Christmas tree in the country. The largest permanent model train exhibit is also on display in Dallas. The tallest cowboy in Texas, “Big Tex,” stands 52-ft. tall at the annual State Fair of Texas.

Slurpie, Anyone?

7-11 is a large convenience store chain with locations in Texas, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, and many other states. It all began in Dallas in 1927. The store is still headquartered in Dallas today.

An Art Lovers Paradise

If you love art, you’ll love Dallas. We’ve mentioned already that Dallas is home to many of the biggest things in the country. This includes its 19 block radius of museums, art galleries, and other venues located within the Arts District.

Bonnie & Clyde

The infamous Bonnie and Clyde are long gone but their memory and intriguing history are well-known even today. What many people don’t know about the bank-robbing duo is that they were from Dallas, Texas.

Boyz-N-The Hood

It was DJ Jeff Liles that aired N.W.A.’s “Boyz-N-The Hood” on air in Dallas, Texas in 1987. While he did accomplish a first with this feat, it didn’t end well for the DJ who was fired the following day. The radio station fired Liles for “potential FCC violations”.

Celebrities From Dallas

Many celebrities were born and/or raised in Dallas. The list of names includes Jessica Simpson, Demi Lovato, Usher, Chris Bosh, and Owen Wilson.

Move to the City

More than 246 people move to Dallas every single day. That’s a lot of fresh, new faces arriving in Dallas every year. Be sure your arrival is as pleasant as the other transplants and instill the services offered by a great Dallas local moving company. Professional movers make every trip easy.


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