Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

4 thoughts on “3 Recent Milestones for Happy Madison Productions

  1. I saw (most of) Murder Mystery and didn’t like it, but Grownups – both parts – were hilarious! I always think Adam Sandler and Happy Madison productions are just stupid, dumb, gross humor, but Sandler puts out some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen.

  2. I have seen most of the movies you listed. I think Grown UPs was wildly successful because of the cast! I did enjoy Murder Mystery. I also did see it on opening weekend. Love Adam Sandler. He grew up in the next town over and he is a home town boy that comes back often. A great guy! #trafficjam #trafficjameweekend

  3. I am usually a fan; there are a few of their movies that I don’t like as much as the others but Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, & Pixels are definitely family favorites around here. In fact we went to the waterpark where they filmed portions of Grown Ups 2.

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