Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

11 thoughts on “Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party #233

  1. Thank you for hosting! This is what I featured the week of 5-11 to 5-15 on my blog. On Tuesday was Crock Pot Chili Poor Man’s Style. Wednesday was GF Raspberry Lemonade Cake. Thursday was Easy Homemade GF Bread. And winding up this Week my How To Meal Plan 101. Enjoy!

  2. The time really does fly, but blogging is a fabulous way of keeping a journal of our lives. My daughter was 18 months old when I started blogging, she is now 11 years old :/ Hope Deuce has a fantastic birthday! 🙂 I hope you are all well and keeping safe! Thank you for hosting! Sim x

  3. I am over the moon to see that 6 Essential Items You Should Carry to a Writers Retreat and Spice Up Your Life with Fresh, Spicy and Savory Organic Veggie Smoothies from Urban Naturale were featured this week on Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party. Thank you so much for the support and recognition. It means the world! I sincerely enjoy partying here! All the best!

  4. I am so sorry to hear that Mother’s Day was bittersweet for you. I lost my mother 14 years ago and before I had kids of my own, I hated Mother’s Day because of all the emotions it stirred up so I can totally relate to how you were feeling this past weekend. Thanks so much for the feature this week (I tried to visit Laurie’s blog to thank her since she chose my post, but it went all weird and keeps asking me to login to her website…strange.) I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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