Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Acting On Her Behalf


My suspense novel in a 6×9 glossy paperback or Kindle format

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Acting On Her Behalf is the story of Colby Crenshaw, a beautiful TV and film actress, who is arrested on live television for killing her longtime best friend, Sharon Darcy. Sharon had lots of secrets that are revealed as Colby finds herself in jail awaiting trial.

Malcolm Morrow, a high profile Beverly Hills attorney, comes to Colby’s aid to defend her against the devastating charges. They are immediately attracted to each other despite the unusual circumstances. Malcolm becomes more determined than ever to exonerate Colby when her highly publicized arrest has friends and family turning against her. Colby is tested as her world crumbles around her. Malcolm may be Colby’s only chance at regaining her life and her freedom while Acting On Her Behalf.

4 thoughts on “Acting On Her Behalf

  1. Sounds like a great read. Love me my mystery & romance for sure. I added it to my stocking stuffer list! Look forward to great read xo Congrats 🙂

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