Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

Rigged Recipes

The recipes on this page represent how I make these dishes. I have rigged them to make them tastier and just a tad bit easier for me to prepare for my family. Enjoy!




7 thoughts on “Rigged Recipes

  1. Hello Kimberly,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog This Ole Mom. I love your Gumbo recipe it looks delicious ! Btw…we live very close to one another!!


    1. Kim, I just responded to your comment on your site. Stunned that we are neighbors! Small world.

  2. My husband loves to cook and does it well but DOES NOT. SCREEEEEEECH! He's from La too and can throw down when he sets his mind to something. I guess I should be thankful, I'd be big as a house if I ate his way of cooking everything. I hate to cook. It's such a chore mainly because I don't plan and then I at Walmart every other day which I double hate.
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    1. We don't plan meals at our house either. We go to the grocery store entirely too often. I would like to start making meals and freezing them. Then I'll always have something to pop in the oven.
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